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Rusty Patched Software

Good software made well

Low Startup Costs

We take our software to market in the most cost efficient manner possible by carefully selecting and prioritizing functionality

Operational Efficiency

We keep our software running as consistently as possible by considering scalability; from algorithm selection to system organization

Low Operating Costs

We keep our software running as cost effectively as possible by carefully architecting the system's components

Environmentally Conscious

We keep our environmental impact as low as possible by designing systems which require the least amount of power to run

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Case Study:

Tatfoo is a software as a service which helps tattoo artists manage their client relationships, from acquisition to scheduling. The software was mocked, market fit was validated, and complex functionality was gradually added. Tatfoo is currently in private alpha testing.

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Good software made by good people

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We work with our network of talented product owners, designers, and engineers to build custom software products, but we don't really do consulting work per se. We like to work on ideas which we think are valuable but others see as not economically viable. It's kinda weird, but so are we. That said, you can reach us at:

Our Mission

We're new here, but our goal is to donate at least 1% of our revenue toward charitable causes. For example, we are fans of the critically endangered rusty patched bumble bee; yes that is where our name comes from. We feel an odd sense of kinship with this endangered native of the midwest, and we would love to do something to help preserve it. We build technology which is largely intangible, and we want to do some things which have a tangible positive impact on the world, however small those may be.

Our People

Christopher Stoll

Rusty Patched Software was founded by Christopher Stoll. Chris is a software engineer with a Masters of Science in Computer Science and, well, let's say over 12 years of experience. His goal is to create interesting and valuable software products with the minimal amount of negative externalities.

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